Summer Rae Talks Possible WWE Return

WWE veteran Danielle Moinet, who is better known as Summer Rae, recently did a Reddit Q&A with fans. During the discussion, she opened up on a lot of subjects including who she enjoys working with, if she wants to return to WWE, and who the funniest person backstage is.

Check out some of her answers below.

On who she enjoys working with:

This shocked some people [because] it’s an odd pairing but I became very close with Zeb Colter! He’s the best. We are still friends. We would travel together & sit on the plane together. Every European tour I would sit at the front of the bus with him & Kane, [and] play Gin Rummy. They taught me. Zeb would say, “Hang out with me & you’ll stay out of trouble kid…” So, I did & I learned so much from him.

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WWE Star Danielle Moinet Opens Up about Overcoming Body Image Issues and Learning Self-Love

I work in an organization where differences are celebrated and representation is important. The ladies of WWE represent a wide array of women with different heights, sizes, nationalities, and ages. We are ambitious and resilient. I’m proud to be part of such an amazing group of females who are confident in their own skin. But as a child of the ’80s, I remember growing up when runways and magazines were flooded with the same type of woman—a woman that was very tall, very thin, and most often blonde. I remember wanting so badly to be like those girls. They were the faces I looked up to, the body types I admired, the women I constantly compared myself to.

I first started getting into working out in college. I lifted weights and did endless hours of cardio to make myself look like one of those “perfect,” extremely thin girls. After two years of working out for hours every day, I got so fed up. I wasn’t getting as small as I wanted.
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