Mar 31, 2022
Mark Hitchcock Memorial Super Show Results

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Match #7: Atsushi Onita, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Juice Robinson, and Colt Cabana defeated PCO, NZO (f/k/a Enzo Amore), Jimmy Wang Yang, Barry Horowitz, and Dango (f/k/a Johnny Curtis/Fandango) at 12:18.

Only PCO and Onita were announced ahead of time, everyone else was a mystery partner. Each surprise wrestler got his own entrance. NZO did his pre-match mic-work from every NXT show he ever appeared. Riccaboni cheered the appearance of his former commentary partner Cabana. Cabana and Horowitz started; Riccaboni said that Cabana, who is Jewish, always looked up to Horowitz. They hugged and traded some standing offense.

Dango and Juice got in and sped up the offense. Wang Yang got tagged in and the crowd chanted “cowboy shit!” He hit a standing moonsault on Juice; it looks like he could still go in the ring. PCO entered at 5:00; he no-sold Juice’s chops. Onita entered and sprayed mist at PCO, and they brawled on the floor. NZO attacked the Rock N’ Roll Express from behind, earning some boos. PCO hit a flip dive to the floor at 9:30. PCO hit his flipping senton on Juice on the ring apron to get a nearfall. PCO missed a moonsault. Onita jumped in the ring and brawled with PCO. Onita sprayed mist in Dango’s face to get the pin.

Dango’s WWE music hit, but out came Summer Rae! She danced in the ring with her former dance partner, and that got a nice pop.


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