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Finishing moves
Summer Crush (Inverted leg drop bulldog)
Spinning heel kick, sometimes to an oncoming opponent — 2013; used as a signature move thereafter

Signature moves
Bodyscissors, sometimes transitioned into a pin
Corner foot choke
Cobra clutch, to a seated opponent
DDT, sometimes to an opponent’s leg
Discus leg drop
Guillotine choke, transitioned into a DDT, followed by multiple punches/mat slams
Hair-pull whip
Hair-pull mat slam
Indian deathlock
Kneeling rear mat slam
Leg choke, from the ring apron, followed by a hip attack to the opponent’s face
Lotus lock, sometimes transitioned into a pin

Multiple kick variations
Back, followed by a kneeling facebuster, with theatrics
Big boot
Single leg drop
Roundhouse, from the ring apron

Multiple pinning variations
Schoolgirl, sometimes from out of the corner
Modified sitting armbar stretch
Running clothesline
Reverse kneeling facebuster
Snap suplex


Wrestlers managed
Abraham Washington
Brad Maddox
Damien Mizdow
Tyler Breeze

“The First Lady of NXT”

Entrance themes
“So Cool” (instrumental) by Kodeine (NXT/WWE; 2013–2014) Listen
“ChaChaLaLa” by Jim Johnston (WWE; April 22, 2013 – April 7, 2014; used while managing Fandango) Listen
“Rush of Power” by CFO$ (WWE; February 20, 2014–present) Listen
“Рев на лъвът (Roar of the Lion)” by CFO$ (WWE; July 2, 2015 – October 12, 2015; used while managing Rusev) Listen
“#MMMGorgeous” by CFO$ ft. Tyler Breeze (WWE; November 9, 2015 – December 31, 2015; used while managing Tyler Breeze) Listen